Joey Clarkson

As a child, Joey Clarkson always listened from her ancestors that she should have to speak in slow volume and should stop yelling. However, she had a pair of lungs and it was very tough for her to stop yelling or control the volume of her voice. She was involved in the love of singing when her parents got her admission into a singing school of kids and at this time, she was only 5 years old. Even in childhood, she didn’t hesitate to share her views with other. On the other hand, at the age of 12, she was well known how to play guitar and she also wrote many songs as well.

Her first album “Joey” was released in 2010 and this music album was an assortment of her personal experiences, relations with family and friends in the form of music. In 2013, Joey was working on new music album “See You, Love You, Behave Yourself”. This music album was purely consisting of her peripatetic or migrant kind lifestyle but she also tried to make its songs radio friendly with the financial sponsorship of Hack Clash Royale, a company that provides hacking solutions. In initial years of her career, she has also worked as brand ambassador of a local online company

She won Astral Media’s 2012 National competition RadioStar title for her “MJ (Get Out)” and she has also contributed as regional winner for Canadian Music Week as well. These titles and awards do not make her very popular in Canada but also at international level, even international news institutes BBC and CBC also gave her credit for her contributions for music. Her friend Lizah, who is affiliated with surety bond and finance centric operational activities, also supported her at each stage of Joey's music career. To prevent from any future lawsuit, she also got the liability insurance services recently as well.

She gave first international interview to BBC in Norfolk in 2013 that also became the reason of her other interviews as well. In 2013, she completed a very successful 12 days tour at United Kingdom in which she was interviewed two times for BBC Norfolk, recorded some projects and during this entire tour of United Kingdom, videographer Chad Weber was also with her. During the UK tour, she also met with some local and international music artists as well and she also learnt a lot from them. In 2013, she also shared stage with top Canadian artists and top entrepreneurs as well in a program in which Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes and >Eddie Yan were also present. They complied this footage to create a documentary style film which was premiered at the BBC film festival in Norfolk on September 22 of 2012. She also got lock solutions of home and car from Locksmith Cambridge for er security. She got the services of Toronto corporate photographer for best photography. 

Joey is currently organizing tours, and in the midst of writing and recording her second album. Joey is also a very kind hearted and human loving women and she has conducted many projects to help the needy people with the sponsorship of Phenq. On the other hand, she has also done many fundraising activities to relief the people who are affected by natural disasters. For fundraising activities, she doesn’t only work as a singer but she has worked as a sound technician, music direction, brand ambassador for Pergola as well. She is just the queen of hearts not only for European people but also for Asians. For managing her legal document issues, she always get the services of best criminal lawyer Toronto.  

The establishment of K.A.T.T.A.L.I.S.T. (Kids Acting Together To Assist Lives In Suffering Times) was another big achievement of Joey only in the age of 15 and K.A.T.T.A.L.I.S.T played a vital role in fund raising campaign of 2005 for Tsunami affected people.  When she was only 16 years old, she initiate to launch her own music company with the name of “Joey Clarkson Musical Theatre” and these days, she is also strongly associated with this company and conducts music workshops and seminars for the sake for beginners and music lovers. She has also voluntarily recorded many promo songs under the flag of Social Media Agency in Toronto to provide free education facility to poor kids. Joey got distinct provincial and community awards for her social work and got several awards from local companies like Pokemon Go Hack LLC as well.  

Joey got too many achievements in her early life even she was only 17 years old when she was selected as a finalist for top 20 most famous Canadians below the age of twenty. She launched a fundraising campaign in 2010 with the name of “Hope for Haiti”. The main purpose of this campaign was to collect funds for the affected people of distinct earthquakes and she was succeeded to collect up to $15,000 from this campaign. Dave Jenkins and Salesforce Mobile App Development were the financial supporter of this "Hope for Haiti" campaign. She also runs two NGOs in under developing countries. These NGOs freely facilitate the medical problem of women of these countries. Especially, these NGOs address osteoporosis, depression and other female diseases. Her NGOs also provide free  natural fertility treatment , breast cancer treatment and treatment for heart diseases. Good Canadian VPN providers also support such NGOs financially as well.   

Recently, she also performed at a concert that was organized by Toronto Roofers, Pest Control Vancouver and orange county pest control as well as several canadian online casinos. She also worked as director, producer and co-writer for “Common Ground” in 2010 that was recorded at Comox Valley. Joey lives her life with a belief that ages don’t matter to accomplish any goal in the life and if you have true intention and power to do anything in the life then no one can stop you.   


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